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About Us


Tenacity Auto Parts Co., Ltd. founded in 1973, is not only a professional rubber-to-metal part manufacturer, but also a premium supplier in aftermarket internationally.In addition to developing and producing high quality parts, we are a team that meets customers’ demand with effort and innovation and deem customers’ requirement our challenge.


In order to provide our customers with the best service, every sector works closely one with another to improve the production and shipping procedures. Through our core value, Sharing-Jointly, employees perform well in their position and do their best to complete every process to create the maximum value for the brand of Tenacity and its’ image.

As a result, our team can offer not only the best quality and price, but also the complete service and trust.

The meaning of the brand “TENACITY”

Brand: “Tenacity and Unique” conform to the product property and Taiwanese local culture.

Design: “Tenacity”, combined with its meaning, is easily identified.

Color: Dark Blue- The stable image symbolizes the premium quality and its trait (Tenacious). Light Yellow represents the active Taiwanese local culture. (Unique)

In 2010, the concept of promoting our own brand becomes mature and the brand image was finalized. With our brand, we would like more of our customers to know Tenacity Spirit. A group of people, sturdy and full of faith, tenacious and perseverant, take challenge as their missions, insist on quality as their duties, and make things better than satisfaction. So here comes our spirit “Unique life of Tenacity”

Young and Energetic Group

Young and Energetic Group- We are a young group with enthusiasm to overcome every challenge in work. To satisfy the customers with our heart and innovation is our goal ; To fulfill the customers’ requirement is our mission.

High-Quality Products

Our rubber is made according to our special formula (NR + BR). In addition, we employ Powder Coating to replace the traditional kind of painting on the surface of our products. Unlike the traditional one, it is more durable and won’t come off easily. On the other hand, the bodies of our parts are made from High-Tensile Steel. The Screws, made from Alloy Steel, are also strong enough to hold shear impact from each side of the products. As a result, the combination of all these strict qualifications has always been the foundation of our products and makes them stand high heat, rapid friction, also against oxidation and aging.


Efficient Leading Time

The leading time of our company is always controlled to be 45-60 working days. We see providing efficient shipment as our priority. In order to deal with the fast delivery, beside comprehensive stocks, we have well-trained and skilled packing staff so that they can do the second quality inspection. Meanwhile, we also use new techniques to help our staff complete the shipping task efficiently. We’re hoping all of the products packed under the brand of Tenacity can reach customers’ warehouse in sound and perfect condition.

Complete After-Sale Service

The customers’ opinion is important and valuable for us, so we focus on our After-Sale Service as well. We track the goods until they are promoted in different markets and then gather the market response from our customers. With the response, we keep revising ourselves and remaining a leading status in this field.


Due to our superior engine mounts, we have been exported them to many countries across continents. We have accumulated mature exporting experience and we firmly believe trust, quality, efficiency, service, and honesty are keys to successful international trading. We sincerely hope that your company can be one of our links with this business world.